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Oct 30, 2019
In all online shops which accept credit card was added "Credit Card Fraud Detection service" (further CCFDs). It's task is to percent of possibility of fraud. It counts as named fraud score (FS) based on main factors of legity. For example if FS higher than 2,5 it's adviced to manager to hold order or claim a call.

Factors of fraud:

1. E-mail Domain - they look provider of your e-mail (if it's free email provider like

2. Geographic Source-IP A country which IP belongs to and a country you're entering in the shop must be the same.

3. Anonymous Proxy - if IP of customer in black list.

4. High Risk Country - for example Russia, Ukrain, Moldova, Belorussia, Columbia, Egypt, Indonesia, Livan, Macedonia

5. Distance-Расстояние - distance between IP location and shipping address.

6. Bin Number Match - country of bank emited the card and country of IP (check by BIN).

9. Carder E-mail - if entered e-mail is in database of famous carders.

10. Open Proxy - check IP on public proxy

11. Spam - checking IP in spam blacklist

And that's the formula for counting FS:

FS =
2.5 * isFreeEmail +
2.5 * countryDoesntMatch +
5 * highRiskCountry +
10 * min(distance,5000) / maxEarthArc +
2 * binDoesntMatch +
5 * carderEmail +
2.5 * proxyScore +
maxEarth = 20037.

P.S.: for example it was surprise for me that also they count distance from IP location and billing address.


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Nov 26, 2019
so it woukd raise flag alerts if say i got a card online full info and i use the name to open new email account would raise flag alerts how would they knows it newe or fraud.
let me tell you guys some additional fraud detection service . i know forsure purchasing scheme work like this to start say me buyer wants to buy say a laptop transaction works like this
i go online to merchant and the merchant has to approve the transaction so he ethier swipes or enter in the card number he then sends to the bank and waits for responce well as soon as the payment is sent the network delivery provider who securely transmitte the info has the own fraud detection service also the run the transaction in seconds if there fraud detectioin say posssible fraud your transaction will be decline . now for the bank has there own also which theres consist of a combo like this first info verifie to match what is on file second the spending habits test to see unusaul charges and geoip loction if in same city