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Dec 29, 2019
New store - manual sales via telegram!
TELEGRAM: @banzai_dumps

Debit dump + pin (2**) T1+T2+pin
Example : %B44XXXX0050406859^MUHALS/TISANA^2103XXX101001 003XX000000?_ ;4XXXXX0050406859=2103XXXX01001372 [5351]
Credit dump + zip (2**) T1+T2+zip
Example : %B4XX7X8X09023X573^WSIGTT/JARVIS A^1XX1X0X100001140XXX000172000000?= ;4XXXXXX090237573=1XXXXXXXX4001172 [99537]
CC - Coming Soon
All dumps are obtained from dozens of different places. Our dumps are sold strictly by one hand, and always fresh.

Price list

Dump + pin debit price starts from $100
Credit dump + zip price starts from $50
We are looking for long term partners, we understand when you earn, we earn
Prices for wholesale buyers are negotiated separately.

All dumps from USA, Kanada, Asia, EU.
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