Long Island

Apr 9, 2019
This guide will be my experience in online carding. I'm writing to show you there are many ways to card and just because someone wrote it can't be done, doesn't me it can't. You don't even have to use my way. If you feel or find a better way than do it. I don't cover everything because some things I don't bother with. Example I don't bother with SOCKS I just use a VPN proxy, I also never used RDP's. I still have very high sucess rates so I don't worry about it.

OK first things first. Drops:

I have never paid for a drop and I would never trust or bother doing so. You already have to wait for items to ship from the merchant do you really want to wait for it to ship again from the dropper?
Go and find a couple abandoned, foreclosed houses. Make sure the house is empty but not empty looking. UPS will get nosy if they see a house with no curtains and empty inside.
If you manage to find a real good one. Make sure it has a mailbox. If it doesn't go buy one and put it up with a last name you will always use for the shipping address. Make sure the lawn or path to the door isn't overrun with weeds. If it is weed-whack it.

Next subscribe to any sort of junk mail, magazines anything to get some mail flowing under that name. This is important because a lot of your orders will come via USPS.

Why do all this when other guides say to never use a drop more than twice? Because if you are getting even 5 packages a week do you know how many drops that is? Too many to find. My rule is to use a drop until it's compromised. You will know it's done when UPS won't ship there and all your orders get cancelled when you use that address.

OK enough on drops. On to Cards.

If you really are new and don't even know how to buy cards hang around the freebies forum and use some of those. Now you have to hit them quick or they die but I managed to get a few thousand worth of stuff from the freebies. If you buy cards try to buy from same state as shipping. But not too close. I'm talking way on the other side of the state you live in. Towns you never even heard of. Also I find Amex and Discover work better than Visa and Mastercard.

Now as for Stores.

I have found any store is cardable except Amazon and Best Buy. But don't just think of the stores you know, use Google shopping to find stores you never heard of that has the item you want. There are thousands of stores you have never heard of just dying to be ripped off. Usually these stores are so small they catch on after a couple orders but there are always more stores. Also the small stores are desperate for orders so you will get a lot of success off of them. They usually charge more for the items but hey it's not your money.

Next a tip about Verified by Visa. If a store says it does this, it doesn't mean you can't card it with a Visa still. Many times I will be told to wait 15 seconds while I am being transferred to the VBV webpage only to end up at a page with a order confirmation. One time I even hit back while waiting for the VBV and got an email saying my order went through and then another one saying it shipped. So always give it a shot if you have the time and patience.

Email Addresses:

You are going to need a bunch of email address. And don't keep carding a small shop with a different address that is from the same domain. Don't keep using easy.com or hushmail because they probably don't get many orders from those email servers and might get suspicious.

Gift cards/ E-gift cards:
These are easy to card if you know the feel for them. Most the time the physical gift card is easier to card and will get shipped. Also the lesser the amount the greater the ship rate. $500 gift card orders get canceled a lot. I found the sweet spot to be $100-$150. If you can do 5 of these a day you can make some good money.

Nothings working. All my orders get canceled:

This will happen. It's just a bad run. Sometimes you'll get in a groove where everything is going through and you got too many packages going to your drops! When your in a funk try a real small order or a Netflix or BB subscription just to get the doubt out of your head that something is wrong with your proxy or bad cards or whatever.

I have two theories/strategies on shipping. One is to use slower shipping unless it's cheap to go up to 2 days. You don't want to make it look weird that you are paying $40 for 1 day shipping. This is a good method to use unless you start running into this problem:

UPS reroutes and returns item midway through shipping at the shippers request. What happened here? Well the retailer got a call or found out that the order was fraud and stopped it before it could get to you. This is why it is good to use 1 or 2 day shipping as long as it is not very expensive.

And that's about it. Just keep at it and you will have so much stuff you won't know what to do with it. Always make sure your IP address is hidden and if you have a bad feeling picking up a drop scout it out first.