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New member
Nov 26, 2019
hello fellow carders i got a serious question and i need seroius help does any 1 no about USA base cable company like AT&T tv cable converters and how there systems work i need to lets say pirate box a tv cable converter box atleast to be able for my mom to watch tv they turn her cable off after i paid her 350.00 $ cable bill with a a card that i sniiff basically a charge back so she aint got no TV and that is my mom who is a great grandma needs the comfort of cable TV atleast to watch news right now they want 890.00 USD in cash i cant pay with cars or check account so i need so 1 who would give me the right info to reprogram her box for basic TV and i will give who evr helps me figure out how to atleast reprogram her box back up and running i will pay that person 20 freash live amex,visa and discover credit cards that will work forsure and i will also give who evr helps 20 full profiles that comes with STATE ID,SSN,DOB & PERSONAL INFO PLUS THEY ALL COME WITH CREDIT REPORTS THEY DO NOT HAVE FRAUD FLAGS ALERTS OR ANYTHING I WAS PERSONAL GOING TO A REALLY BIG SCHEME AT THE BEGGNING OF NEXT YEAR THAT ACCORDING TO MY CALCULATIONS WOULKD NET ME 230,000 USD so who ever up to the task bring some ideas i promise you be satified with your payment also as a bonus i will give up my way how to attact peoples money