Apr 7, 2019
Hi underworld guys, today I will explain is this fork still working or not..

Many of you may have already watched interned videos about using fork and many of you have already tried it. But for those of you who might still wondering if its still making money i can say: yes it still does 100%!

Now the fork has some updates than the old one, little bit longer, depends how the NCR ATM is protected from fork fraud/steal.

What you need to start working with it:
1. Any prepaid card with money (not using ones with your name)
2. Ofc the fork

So, you have to make small withdraw amount out, so when you cash the money while the dispenser is open you have to push in the fork. If you manage to do this for the short time the dispenser is open, the fork should stay inside after the dispenser is closed.
About 2-3 years ago, when you were ready with the fork inside, you started making withdraw with the highest limit on your card. Then , when the money comes out , they were catched by the fork. And you could then open the dispenser by small knife or screwdriver and then pull out the fork with the money on it.
Problem was that the ATM door might stay down (dispenser is open) and the ATM might be out of service. But your money would not be accounted on your card. This was before. And some of us made a lot of cash.

Nowadays, NCR soft has been changed, but the fork is still working. Just you can put the fork and you can wait for somebody else to make withdraw and catch his money, because if you still doing this with your card and account (maybe somewhere around the world this method is still working) the money withdraw will be accounted on your card. But you can still catch the victims money.

If anybody decide to get shot with fork - Bon chance amigos! I can help with free advice.